Arbiters and Support

Nebojša Baralić (SRB)
International Arbiter, Chief Arbiter

Dominique Dervieux (FRA)
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (A)

Nataša Savić (SRB)
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (A)

Zoi Anagnostou (GRE)
FIDE Arbiter, Arbiter (A)

Nebojša Radosavljević (SRB)
FIDE Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (B)

Tanja Stojković (SRB)
National Arbiter,
Deputy Chief Arbiter (B)

Milan Marković (SRB)
National Arbiter, Arbiter (B)
Ahmed Sharata (LBA)
Natonal Arbiter, Arbiter (B)

Boban Milojević (SRB)
International Arbiter, Deputy Chief Arbiter (C)

Dejan Miletić


Radoje Marinković
Festival Director



Nebojša Baralić
Webmaster and Broadcasting

Nebojša Radosavljević
Video and PGN Files Editing

Robert Romih
Official Photographer

Darko Radojković
Festival Manager


 Latest news

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/April 1, 2018/
Current starting list is published and will be updated daily: Open A - Open B - Open C
/January 11, 2018/
Published official regulations of the 11th International Chess Festival "Sport Summer 2018". invitation >>>
/July 14, 2017/
IM Ali Marandi Cemil Can (TUR) is the winner of 10th International Chess Festival "Sport Summer 2017". link >>>

 Paracin in the heart of Serbia
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